It sounds scary right? Like some botched Hollywood TV show where women and men look like blow up sex dolls. The reality is that people around you might have or will get plastic (cosmetic if they want to sound fancy) surgery, sometimes nobody notices or sometimes everyone does.

People would think I don’t have a leg to stand on when I talk about body issues. I didn’t have braces that gave me that awkward smile, acne or fluctuating weight issues. I did however spend majority of my life having been told by my own family that I was “too skinny”, “anorexic” or to “eat more”. This put a real strain on me as a young adult because no matter what type of woman you were, you were being criticized. Just quickly, I believe it’s okay to be anywhere from XXXS to XXXL as long as your happy. If you’re not, work yourself and be proud because you’ve done that. Then be prouder when you’ve reached your goal/s. Completely off topic but back to my surgery…

So it started the night before my very first day in high school. My Mum wanted to send my Aunty a picture so I got dressed in my school uniform and put in my extensions (the uneven tone and length of them still haunts me). My Mum sent off the side profile picture and that was when I first looked at myself and thought I hate my nose. It’s fucking huuuggggeeeeee. Where did this come from? I was just twelve years old when I had that initial thought. After that, whenever I said I wanted a nose job people would just say “oh it’s fine! You’re young and naïve”. I wasn’t. I went back to my mundane life and just learnt to love and accept myself, I mean, do you know how much a nose job actually costs?

When I first started living with my Husband I developed serious allergies which led doctors to find that my left nostril was entirely blocked due to a deviated septum which meant I would require surgery to re-open it anyway. But it wasn’t until Steve proposed that I thought to take action. I didn’t want to look back on one of the most important days of my life and think to myself that would be a nice picture had my nose not been in the way. I looked at all my options, deciding it was best to have it done in Australia because I would need post op visits and what if something were to go wrong? So after deeply investigating I decided to go with Dr Shahidi who operated on me at Bondi Private Hospital.

I had a Rhinoseptoplasty. They opened my nostril, straightened my nose and removed a bunch of cartilage that they call the nasal hump. I woke up and everything was really good. I bet you’re imagining two bruised eyes and a puffy face eh? It wasn’t like that at all. I didn’t even take one painkiller. The worst part of it all was definitely having to breathe through my mouth for two weeks and getting my stitches removed (I will include pictures for you don’t worry!). After one week I had my splint removed but it took several months for the swelling to go down and for me to regain feeling in the tip of my nose.

A year on and I’m proud to tell people I did it. I have more self confidence than ever before and I feel even braver for talking about it. Plastic surgery isn’t for everyone and I get that but it’s truly amazing how far medical procedures have come. The money was more than worth it for me.

I think we should all take our hats off to the people that do things to improve themselves. The ones that loose weight, get an education, be nicer or braver. Even the ones who use surgery to improve themselves. A round of applause for everyone!

(Photo as soon as I woke up)

(Four days post op front view)

(Four days post op – stitches)

(Day of operation vs one year post op)


1 thought on “UNDER THE KNIFE”

  1. I have had csections and they are enough for me. I am scared of needles so the idea of voluntarily going ‘under the knife’ would scare the shit out of me. I completely understand why some people do it though and if it gives them confidence then why not.


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